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The Groove Master (2) - Never Again (Vinyl)


Feb 10,  · The Groove Master - Never Again (The Hard Steve Mix) Groove master - Duration: X Press 2 - Tranz Euro Xpress (HQ) - Duration: Vinyl . GROOVE MASTER Vinyl Records and CDs. The Groove Master Discography Price Guide Recently Listed Email Alerts Refine Search Results. Artist: Title: Label: Cat Num: Barcode: Genre: Country: Seller groove master Page 1 of 1. The genesis of the GrooveMaster II tonearm lies in the ’s. In those days, high quality playback equipment was needed for mastering engineers, recording studios, music executives, broadcast networks, and wealthy connoisseurs. Previous equipment could not play back microgroove records without introducing massive noise and damaging the vinyl.

An ambitious project, originally intended as a concept album on the loss of a fictional ship init created tension and disagreements in the band regarding the album's direction; finally, a dispute over which song to release as a single led to Robin Gibb temporarily leaving the group.

Released in March by Polydor Records in the UK and Atco Records in the US, it was the group's fourth album released internationally, their sixth overall, and their only double album of original music. Odessa would be the final album for the band's original incarnation, and this was the last album to include guitarist Vince Melouney. The album was reissued as a single-disc in September when interest was revived in the Bee Gees career, since then the album has gained increasing critical acclaim; it was reissued again in January as a deluxe 3 disc set, and is included in Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

The originally intended name for the album was An American Opera. This later became Masterpeace and finally Odessa. Colin recalls about the country influence on Odessa. Their manager Robert Stigwood says, "Barry is the Bee Gees coordinator, I used the word advisedly, as there is no leader of the group as such. He has a tremendous feel for soul music a la his composing work for The Marblesbut he is also a fantastic solo singer in his own right". The first song recorded for the album was " I Laugh in Your Face " on 12 Julythe same day the group recorded " I've Gotta Get a Message to You " released from the American version of the group's fifth album Idea.

After recording eight songs for the album, guitarist Vince Melouney left the group amicably and joined the group Fanny Adams, wanting to pursue a more bluesy direction. Therefore, about as soon as they returned to the studio, they were with Bill Shepherd arranging and conducting orchestral tracks to complete the album. This puts the re-make of "First of May" early in the November sessions, yet the song would be the last Bee Gees band session for the album.

Also done somewhere around here are the final vocals for the New York songs and the added organ part for "Edison". Odessa was initially released on Polydor Records in the United Kingdom and Atco Records in the United States in a red flocked cover with a gold lettering to the group's name and label symbol stamped in gold on the front and nothing but the flocking on the back. The gatefold has a large dotted image of people leaving a ship in a lifeboat.

Due to the high cost of production, as well as allergic reactions among workers during assembly, this design was discontinued. Prior to release, there were disagreements over which song was to be released as a single, when the Robin-led " Lamplight " lost out to " First of May ," a Barry solo vocal. This ultimately led to Robin Gibb leaving the group in early[10] though he would rejoin the group in August The split was a result of On The Trail / Wheels West - Al Caiola - On The Trail / Wheels West (Vinyl) of animosity, which concurred to the album's final mix.

As Barry explained:. Everything got out of hand and we didn't know which way we were heading. We'd never really finished the album. It was our own production and we were very proud of it, but it all turned out different. It marked a period of breaking up and we weren't talking to each other, so we weren't in the studio together half the time and weren't as friendly toward each other. The recording took three or four months which was a long time in those days.

Bee Gees 1st was done in a month. It would be nice to re-master the album once and as a bonus maybe do a live version of some of the songs. Robin left the band on 15 March [7] and made his decision public on 19 March. Maurice later described the album as 'heavy'. It went up and down in places, but a lot of people regard it as our Sgt. To us, I don't think it was the best album we made, but the main title 'Odessa' I loved".

Barry responded to Maurice saying, "I guess I have strong personal feelings about it because it was a time when the group was splitting up". The album Raggle Taggle Gypsy - The Old Firm - Celtic Cowboys (CD, Album) not well received by the public or the music press on release, and led to a decline in the band's fortunes until a quartet of hits: "Lonely Days", "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart", "Run to Me" and "My World".

The album was reissued in as an edited single-disc album with a plain red cover on RSO Records. The single LP reissue deleted tracks 3, 5, 7—9, 12, and On 13 JanuaryReprise Records released a deluxe remaster of the album, as prepared by Rhino Recordswith three discs containing, respectively, the album in stereo, the album in mono and selected rarities.

The third disc, entitled Sketches for Odessa featured demos of the songs plus a vocal take of "With All Nations International Anthem " and the previously unissued tracks "Nobody's Someone" and "Pity".

This edition restored the red flocking originally found on the LP. On 13 JanuaryReprise Records released a 3-CD set of Odessa, complete with remastered stereo and mono version of all 17 tracks, plus a bonus third disc with demos, alternate version, and three unreleased tracks.

To date, Odessa was the last album The Groove Master (2) - Never Again (Vinyl) receive the deluxe remaster treatment with extensive sleeve notes, and the status of the re-release program is unknown. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Odessa disambiguation. Bee Gees. Deluxe edition track listing. Retrieved 12 April Retrieved 7 May Rolling Stone. Tomorrow Is Today. Seems to be known for its superiority over other, questionable reissues.

Is Get On Down if you're into hip-hop at all. The do a lot of reissuing of Wu-Tang LPs. Not a single one I've heard comes even close to the OG presses. All are flat and muddy sounding. I've heard better MP3s than some of their presses.

Scorpio and many other "to The Thrill Is Gone - B.B. King - Greatest Hits (CD) avoided labels" are reissuing many hip rare underground records that the high end reissue labels aren't doing and will never do. I've been around vinyl since the 70s and many of the Scorpio records sound good and have stickers stating "manufactured by Rhino" whatever that means.

Try finding an original copy of Gris Gris. The Wah Wah label from Spain has reissued tons of obscure 70s records from France and Germany that I am glad I am able to own in the vinyl format, regardless of the source.

These "bad" labels have their place and often provide a service for people who want more than Living Stereo and certain Blue Note records in their music diet. Rhino is a division of Warner Brothers and if you see Rhino, chances are sources are good, even if the label is Scorpio.

Of course sometimes content trumps source but if the source was originally analog and the source is available, using a CD to cut a record is inexcusable. About the "manufactured by Rhino" you see on the back of the Scorpio reissues, those are legit and pressed by Rhino.

John, Gil Scott-Heron. All of the Meters and Electric Prunes albums have the "manufactured by Rhino" sticker on the shrinkwrap. I thought it was cute that Rhino used the wrong labels on the Meters and Dr. John LP's so people don't pass them off as originals like that dealer in New Orleans by using the 2-color Reprise W7 label for the Meters and the old 50's Atco label with the harp for Dr.

The reissues sound nice but the original recordings weren't audiophile material. I suspect the James Brown reissues are from CD but it's nice to see them out there, it's also funny to see a mid 60's King LP with a early 70's Polydor label with JB's picture when he had the big fro.

The Electric Prunes and Reprise Meters albums sound great, the Josies are OK since the original recordings weren't that great but the music will get you moving. I prefered Seven Years In - Farmers By Nature - Love And Ghosts (CD, Album) complete analog experience, that's why ilisten to Lp in the first place.

So i buy my lps produce before the digital era, with warts and all. Another informative article by Mikey and terrific feedback from the many knowledgeable readers; most of whom, I imagine are far more knowledgeable than myself, which is why I am throwing my question out to the field. Is there an easy and inexpensive way I can improve my system? I built a low budget LP playback system below a few years ago and, frankly, the sound is uninspiring.

And, I still own the first LP my family ever owned - Neil Diamond's Moods fromwhich my mom bought on impulse as we were returning home from school and she saw the album in a record store window. She hit the brakes, put some money in my elder brother's hands he was the bravest of us three boys, although not the eldest and said "Tell the store owner that your mom wants to buy the man hanging in the window.

The album is badly in need of a proper scrubbing, and sounds as noisy as ever, but we still love giving it Never Can Say Goodbye (Dub Mix) - The Communards - Never Can Say Goodbye (Vinyl) spin. I know the individual components are quality pieces because I never buy any hardware or software the real subject of this article that hasn't received some favourable reviews from credible sources, so I am sure it's that they are not complementing each other as a system.

I've been toying with the idea of replacing the Pro-Ject pre with a Bellari VP tube pre amp, but I am wary of throwing money at the problem out of blind ignorance. They have also released some excellent sounding pressings, for example of film soundtracks or historical compilations—they are not a pure re-issue label, they also have original releases, though no original artists I think. They also seem to be in The Groove Master (2) - Never Again (Vinyl) habit of clearly noting transfer sources, involved engineers, studios and plants, which is always commendable.

Best see if you can find a review before purchase, or whether you can give it a listen. Don't dismiss them outright because of the Roll Over Beethoven, because you might be passing up a good vinyl.

Well if the source and other info is listed on the record, of course consider that release. Thanks for that information. A lot of websites that sell new re-issues have little to no information about the pressing. And even if they did, as a new collector, is it trial and error or is there a comprehensive list out there of the good and not so good producers?

Acoustic Sounds is as good as I've ever seen in terms of having commentary on re-issues. I'm getting into this conversation pretty late it looks like but I've gotten some really great sonding Lp's on Doxy.

Plus they're titles that most labels wouldn't dare put out. All these records sound very good, so I'm very happy with this label. While the Music on Vinyl might be from a high rez digital source although given I've never seen one on HDTracks etc, maybe notit definitely isn't just ripped from CD, as the mixes are distinctly different.

It's definitely a good effort. Wax Time reissues are sold widely by reputable record stores like Amoeba and Rasputin, and while not in the price range of the true audiophile masterings, they're not exactly cheap, either The tell-tale sign to me is that, while the jacket art is pretty close to the original, the label never is -- it's always a Wax Time label, never Columbia, etc.

Again, this is s jazz material that is in the public domain in the EU. Wax Time is made in Spain, if I recall correctly. Last time I checked, they didn't even have a website, just an email address, which also makes one suspicious that the operation is a bit fly-by-night.

Perhaps they don't have the dynamic range of a re-mastered LP from a major label, but I find the sound quite enjoyable on my vintage system. I have not yet tried any of their jazz releases. And I must say Why can't the major labels get their act together in this regard?? Same deal for Jazz Wax Records, too -- more public domain stuff that appears to be 'mastered' from CDs. For your general information, unlike other reissue companies, we have only ever used analog masters on София Ротару - Нежная Мелодия (Vinyl, LP, Album) vinyl releases.

Not only were they very cheap, but they are great-sounding, quiet, g above-average pressings. They are:. I'm so glad you brought this subject up because I buy lots of vinyl I gave up collecting cd's and don't want my lp's sounding like or cut from cd's I have bought quite a few of these and the price for them is not cheap!

Glad someone else noticed. I'm sure I'm not making this up, I have a distinct memory of buying a Stevie Wonder album, I think it was Innervisions, on the 'Music Lovers' label that sounded dreadful and if I was in any dohbt that the source used wasn't analogue, or in any way near the master, you could hear the CD that was used to cut the vinyl actually skipping. Anyone else unfortunate enough to grab that same LP?

I do actually wonder if it was a bad dream I'm thinking of getting this LP, since it seems to be the only release of the original soundtrack for "Psycho" on vinyl I compared Tchaïkovsky* - Symphony No.6 In B Minor, Opus 74 The Pathetique (Vinyl, LP) to the movie and it's definitely not a re-recording.

Not an audiophile quality release, but it may be a good addition to a collection just as a document. You can hear it here:. It's one of the flattest and most perfectly centered records I've seen in my life. The audio has noticeable background noise, but it's definitely Friends - MeShell NdegéOcello - Comet, Come To Me (CD, Album, MP3) of the source and not from the record itself.

The non-recorded areas are extremely quiet. Not one single click or pop. The record company Doxy even put different custom labels for each side. So while it's true that this LP sounds as if the movie soundtrack was being played through an old radio, I feel that the people at Doxy put their best effort on giving the collectors a high quality product, at least regarding manufacturing.

I'm truly happy with it. Can anyone of you tell me about the reissues on the DOL-Label? Are they worth buying? How is the pressing quality? I have a general idea of what people on here think of this site see belowbut maybe, just maybe, this is a way for all of us to be a part of the solution. The opinions here are educated, thoughtful and easy to come by. Why not put them to use and aide "the cause? Let the world know what you think about a record: Write a Review on Discogs!

The worst-sounding piece of gr vinyl in my collection. Whoever half-speed mastered this had less than NO idea what they were doing I should have known that there was something up when I saw a sealed copy of Romeo Must Die available at such a reasonable price. I haven't listened to it yet but this is a lesson learned. I tried to go to Simply Vinyls website and not only is it not available, but the Blackground Records website isn't either.

Maybe the Hankersons owners of Blackground were out to make a quick buck? That makes no sense though because some people are still interested in music from Aaliyah's catalog which is available on an extremely limited basis right now. Many comments say that Lilith, Doxy, Dol and others are labels that exploit works that have fallen into the public domain.

I would not be against lightning. I'm French, excuse my english. The Related rights in France are fixed at 50 years for a musical work, but if I understand correctly, for an American record, it is more complex, and generally longer.

I do not know whether these rights are the slightest in Russia, Spain, or Italy, but I doubt it seriously. I do not see how the discs of Jazz that are fifty years old, or discs of Caetano Veloso like Tropicalia can be considered as being in the public domain.

This is not possible in France. Is this a false statement? I do not have a crazy material, but I tend to perfect my system. The Chess edition is really weird, while the WaxTime edition sounds very natural.

What do you say to that? Thank you! The jacket and the sleeve are high quality, and the vinyl looked really nice when I inspected it under normal lighting.

It's a nice and heavy, g record, and the label and spindle hole were also top-notch. However, all the trouble began when I got to track 5 and it skipped twice very bad, jumpy skips. I pinpointed the skips and examined them under my hand-held microscope and saw lots of silvery specks all over it. This is a defect known as stitching - a mechanical defect, which is both visual and audible.

The root cause is when the vinyl gets improperly unstuck from the form on the press In my case, though there are lots of silver dots, there was one particular glob that was interfering with my stylus, hence, the skips Under X power, I gently pushed the material out of the grooves with the clean tip of a wooden toothpick. I could see the globule was 'mushy' and soft. I was able to push it out of the two adjacent groves easily.

When I played the record back, it played beautifully with no more skips. This whole ordeal took me about 40 minutes can't rush this process if you don't want to ruin an otherwise mint record and it was well worth it, but what a hassle. Anyone else have similar quality issues with new reissues from Wax Time Records? Hi Michael and the crew! I am seek advice about Venus Records from Japan.

I cannot quiet put Kerrothan Miksi (Tell Me Why) - Sacy Sand - Levytyksiä Vuosilta 1950-1958 (CD) finger on it. I kept listening in hopes of adjusting my ear, but could not have avoided that eerie feeling that they tortured music to death before they buried in the vinyl.

Maybe it is just one unlucky record? Hi Michael and everybody. Even Kevin Gray don't want to tell me what is it really. He did this work : "I have not been at liberty to reveal sources on mastering since around Consider this answering your question without directly addressing your question". Anyone who can give information about these reissue who help a lot of people who spend a lot of money to get them.

Thanks for the help. Kevin Gray cut the lacquers, and the vinyl was pressed at Quality Records. I think the guy "robert" is full of it, and doesn't know anything about this series. All the printed materials say "from the original mastertapes". I don't believe in conspiracy theories, why would Kevin convert the tapes to digital files? The packaging is replicated to the finest detail, they knew what they are doing.

But believe whatever you want. The fact is, these are obviously not from analog tape. Just listen to 'Cool Struttin' and compare to any analog sourced version, and all the hallmarks of a digital source are there. It sounds nothing at all like an analog original. Another fact. There never was a true mono master Final Cut - U-Street All Stars - Helsinki Sessions (CD, Album) many of these.

Those Wayne Shorter titles, for example, were all recorded only in stereo, RVG did a simple fold down to produce a mono version. Third fact. These were widely anticipated in Japan, but soon after they came out, a number of independent specialist retailers in Japan stopped selling them, citing the dubiousness of the sources, indeed, some audio journalists published in Japan did a detailed comparison to originals, and also expressed serious doubts about the validity of the sources.

Doxy and WaxTimes can claim their junk is sourced from the original tapes too, after all, the CD they use to master comes from the original tape. Kevin Gray didn't convert the mono tapes to digital.

That belies a lack of understanding of how cutting to vinyl works. He never had the original mono tapes. All your speculation is cute. Kevin Gray told me himself he cut them from the tapes, so yeah, believe whatever you want. I m waiting for an answer of Mr Michael Fremer. I got rid of them, I have sold them. I didn't trust and don't like what I read about them and also didn't like the sound like Cd I think Blue note sound on my mind is more "dirty" with some "saturation" sometimes.

With these mono false mono too much clean and uniform. It's my opinion, it doesn't mean I m right. But to much confusion and poor information about the source. This is one of the most The Groove Master (2) - Never Again (Vinyl) threads on the website.

But it is so long that it has become difficult to mine for relevant information. Could some enterprising person create a table with columns for Reissue Label, Overall Reliability, The Groove Master (2) - Never Again (Vinyl), and Comments? So, like probably many people I thought buying or gram remastered vinyl was a good thing. Yesterday I compared the Beatles White Album, original and gram remastered and now I'm checking all my newly purchased remastered vinyl.

The original purchased White Album was far superior to the remastered gram from sound Soundstage Direct. The low end was muddy thought it was my old ears at firstsloppy mid and highs. The question is, is there an easy way to identify if the vinyl is reproduced from original tapes or was there an engineer somewhere remastering them to suit his own ears?

Search form Search. Analog Corner. News News Analog Gear News. Record Buying Tips. Call me crazy and you wouldn't be the first! Don't you?

But we don't get that vital information as often as we'd like, do we? Log in or register to post comments. You're not crazy We just updated all our Submitted by dimitri19 on Fri, The same problem exists for Sentence Of Love (Sure Dub) CD reissues. Submitted by Smafdy Assmilk on Sun, Major labels do it too Submitted by markp on Sat, Great article Michael.

Thank you for shining light on this topic. The "sourced from" designation pretty much means: 1 it is not cut from the original master 2 we don't know what we cut this LP from. Boots And Blues Submitted by vinyldaze on Sun, Scorpio Submitted by Michael Fremer on Mon, Ad hoc sunshine Submitted by deckeda on Sun, This goes way back to the Submitted by JC on Sun, Mo-Fi Beatles not from masters?

Submitted by Michael Fremer on Mon, Same crappy mastering only on thicker vinyl. Best I've heard Submitted by deckeda on Sat, I Know Submitted by john ryan horse on Sun, Caveat emptor Submitted by conjotter on Sun, Hi Michael Excellent article.

Let the buyer beware. Really good article Submitted by Martin on Mon, This is a really good article and makes a very good point. Say; 1. Album title, 2. A few examples: Rolling The Groove Master (2) - Never Again (Vinyl) - 60's catalog reissues; 2. Martin's comment Submitted by Michael Fremer on Mon, Dylan Submitted by floweringtoilet on Tue, Good list though.

Dylan LPs vs. I suspect Doxy is one of Submitted by jesuswept on Mon, Doxy reissues Submitted by Martin on Tue, Watch out when the Beatles, Stones and others get into the public domain here. Submitted by krell on Tue, Having only just started to Submitted by Billy the Kid on Tue, Good stuff Submitted by floweringtoilet on Tue, Submitted by Michael Fremer on Sun, Say "No!

I'd encourage the companies to provide much more information for sure. Submitted by MacKat on Tue, As a double 45 and in print is even better!

A few more comments Submitted by Martin on Wed, The Friday Music Elvis reissues are analog and great sounding. Yup Submitted by Martin on Thu, Yup, "Old Ideas" on vinyl sounds remarkably better than the CD that came with it. Mike, Greetings, Kevin here in The City. Vinyl Lovers Submitted by antonmb on Sat, Completely agree, I had a Submitted by grahamridley on Sun, Completely agree, I had a similar experience as well with quality issues.

Gray PowerDrillGuru. It would stand to reason the highest resolution digital files were used for the LP As this is the reason why someone with the original LPs would buy these. With or without the compression from Marcussen - the masher - mastering???

Music On Vinyl Submitted by deniall on Fri, Interesting reading, especially your opinions on Music On Vinyl. Their website states this: As for our sources; We are provided with the best possible analogue masters available. I emailed Music on Vinyl and Submitted by deniall on Wed, I emailed Music on Vinyl and this is the Raw & Real - Manifest - Raw & Real EP (Vinyl) I got.

Thanks for your mail. How do these rate? Great value. Many all-analog. Legend states that "Pink Moon Submitted by scmaculous on Sun, Another label to avoid Submitted by MusicNut on Fri, In defence of Scorpio Submitted by vedicspaceprogram on Sat, Content vs.

Sound Submitted by Michael Fremer on Sun, Score P. Theres nothing like the real thing Submitted by Davetruestory on Sat, Easy Fix? Submitted by desdeo on Wed, Music Hall mmf So, please, any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks for any advice you may offer, and I'd like to wish you all a safe and happy new year. Doxy Music Submitted by Anamon on Sat, As a newbie Submitted by century on Mon, How do I go about researching who is issuing what?

I don't know of a comprehensive list, but Submitted by watchnerd on Thu, Friday Music Submitted by Kurt on Tue, Wax Time Submitted by watchnerd on Thu, The same can't be said of Wax Time. Wax Time Submitted by Jazzoid on Mon, So I will continue to purchase WaxTime records. They are cut from CDs Big deal. Here is the Hungary - Czardas - 101 Strings - Around The World With The 101 Strings (Vinyl, LP) I recently received from them: "Thank you for your interest in Exhibit Records.

Submitted by Michael Fremer on Fri, I need to review that I have it here. They are the real deal. Doxy Submitted by culabula on Fri, Submitted by Nothing Like Vinyl on Wed, Short of a "AAA" type rating system, why not impart our will?

Submitted by theboogeydown on Fri, Discog readers come to Analogplanet. Build a database like theirs Submitted by theboogeydown on Thu, And here's a reissue to steer WAY clear of Submitted by geoffpiano on Mon, WaxTime The Kinda Guys We Like (The Kinda Girls We Are) (Instrumental) and others Trouble with Wax Time Records Submitted by Commish on Sun, Venus Records Submitted by rijichert on Sat, I am "the guy" Submitted by RobH on Sat, I know you want to maintain validation for your expenditure.

I still have a few around actually. It's not clear enough Submitted by lionel on Sun, I sold them Submitted by lionel on Sun, Summary Table? Submitted by Intermediate Li Remastered Vinyl Submitted by Damnyankee on Sat,

Mar 27,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Intro - Never Again at Discogs. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your Intro collection.5/5(1). Oct 15,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Discharge - Never Again at Discogs. Complete your Discharge collection/5(). View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of In The Groove on Discogs. Label: Tamla Motown - WL • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo • Country: Europe • Genre: Funk / Soul • Style: Soul.

Never Again About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music Sports Gaming Movies TV Shows News Live Fashion.

Oct 31,  · Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Sign in. Share More. Report. The Groove Master- Bob Mintzer - Duration: Thedearster 2, views. 2. Groove circles & curves 3. Groove 4 different sizes. The Master TURBO Groover comes with a set of 4mm blades and a carrying case. (Other blades sizes available, see below) REPLACEMENT BLADES #19A 3mm (2 blades per Pkg.) #19B 4mm (2 blades per Pkg.) (Standard) #19C 5mm (2 blades per Pkg.) #19D 6mm (2 blades per Pkg.) (for Oscada flooring or 1 91%(3).

2. Groove circles & curves 3. Groove 4 different sizes. The Master TURBO Groover comes with a set of 4mm blades and a carrying case. (Other blades sizes available, see below) REPLACEMENT BLADES #19A 3mm (2 blades per Pkg.) #19B 4mm (2 blades per Pkg.) (Standard) #19C 5mm (2 blades per Pkg.) #19D 6mm (2 blades per Pkg.) (for Oscada flooring or 1 91%(3).

Discover releases, reviews, songs, credits, and more about How Stella Got Her Groove Back Soundtrack: Music From The Motion Picture at Discogs. Shop Vinyl /5(18). Never Again, an album by The Groove Master on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.

Odessa is the sixth studio album by the Bee Gees, originally released on 30 March Regarded as the most significant of the group's Sixties albums, it was released as a double vinyl record, initially in an opulent red flocked cover with gold abranciafisartern.litocencmacclingtosworlfeebreatenriti.infoinfo: Pop, baroque pop.


Ralf Bendix - Der Schwarze Koffer (Vinyl), África - Loco Mia - Loco Vox (Cassette, Album), SE TU FOSSI LIBERA - Pierangelo Bertoli - UNORA CON PIERANGELO BERTOLI (CD), Untitled - Bob Bellerue and Jarrett Silberman - Amplified Piano Duets (Vinyl), Gift - Dachs (2) - Drehendi Zeiger (CD, Album), War? - System Of A Down - System Of A Down (CD, Album), Portobella - London Punk / Freakin In Stereo (Vinyl), Снег В Пустыне - A Studio - XX (DVD), Various - World Music From Lebanon Vol. 2 (CD), Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots - Thank You (CD), U.V. - Salad - Ice Cream (Cassette, Album), Motor City Blues (Luke Solomon Remix) - Supersonic Lovers - Motor City Blues / Reality (Vinyl), We Are The People - Various - Greenpeace Rainbow Warriors (CD), R.E.M. - Automatic For The People (CD, Album) Friends - Kingdom Come (2) - Bad Image (CD)

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  • Jul 26,  · Happy the moment I tasted your rain Tonight was the night That I saw my first sight Of how pleasure wins over pain Now I know what I know Don't wanna ever let you go I just hope that you feel the same You shot your arrow Through my restless, shaking heart You came down on me slow Drew back your bow My lady, you shot your arrow Straight through my heart I kiss your mouth and stroke your .
  • The genesis of the GrooveMaster II tonearm lies in the ’s. In those days, high quality playback equipment was needed for mastering engineers, recording studios, music executives, broadcast networks, and wealthy connoisseurs. Previous equipment could not play back microgroove records without introducing massive noise and damaging the vinyl.
  • A phonograph record (also known as a gramophone record, especially in British English), often simply record, is an analog sound storage medium in the form of a flat disc with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove. The groove usually starts near the periphery and ends near the center of the disc. At first, the discs were commonly made from shellac; starting in the s polyvinyl chloride.
  • The Beatles' acclaimed original studio album remasters, released on CD in , make their long-awaited stereo vinyl debut. Manufactured on gram, audiophile quality vinyl with replicated artwork, the 14 albums return to their original glory with details including the poster in The Beatles (The White Album), the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band's cut-outs, and special inner bags for /5(K).
  • Stream songs by The Groove Master & similar artists plus get the latest info on The Groove Master! Listen to The Groove Master Radio, free! Stream songs by The Groove Master & similar artists plus get the latest info on The Groove Master! Never Again. May • 4 songs.
  • Groove Master is an album by saxophonist Hank Crawford recorded in and released on the Milestone label. Reception. Professional ratings; Review scores; Source Rating; Allmusic: Allmusic's Scott Yanow stated: "Hank Crawford always puts a lot of passion into each note he plays. On this set of blues and soulful ballads, Crawford caresses each Genre: Jazz.
  • Feb 10,  · The Groove Master - Never Again (The Hard Steve Mix) Groove master - Duration: X Press 2 - Tranz Euro Xpress (HQ) - Duration: Vinyl .
  • Gospel House music radio, a leading source of Gospel House Mixes,Touching Lives one ear at a time. Romans Faith comes thru hearing.
  • An acetate disc is a type of phonograph (gramophone) record, a mechanical sound storage medium, widely used from the s to the late s for recording and broadcast purposes and still in limited use today.. They are also known as a lacquer (a technically correct term preferred by engineers in the recording industry), test acetate, dubplate (a term originating from Jamaican sound system.

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